about artwork pendants:

My friend and amazing artist Stephanie Corfee asked if I would be interested in collaborating with her to make her artwork into pendants.  I was thrilled! 

More recently, I have made other artists' work into pendants, too.  Iolanda Reinsmith, another friend of mine and amazing artist and David Gerbstadt who's positivity is so inspiring.  

All three of these artists (Stephanie, Iolanda and David) are beautiful and positive people in addition to being amazing artists.  All three are from Pennsylvania, my home state, as well.

There are also famous painting artwork pendants available.

I will be adding more artists' work from all over the world.   

I love artwork pendants because I can take my favorite artists' work along with me everywhere I go!   You can start an art collection that you can wear around your neck!

Kimberlie J. Burkhart, jewelry artist

I (Kimberlie Burkhart) am a full-time jewelry artist and part-time paralegal.  I loves finding interesting ordinary objects and using them in different ways to create little wearable pieces of work.  I try to find the usefulness and beauty in items that other people might throw away. 

My experience with jewelry started when I was young. I had a pink unicorn duffle bag-shaped purse that was completely filled with beads:  all mixed up and in every color. I carried around the bag and made bracelets on stretchy string.

I moved on to other creative outlets - music, mainly - for years. Then one day I came across the pink unicorn purse again and started making jewelry again.
I sell my handmade items online and in person at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER, as well as at shows around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I grew up in Hughesville, Pennsylvania, a small town near Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

I also love to take fun road trips to interesting places.  From that love came Outta the Way, the zine that my boyfriend Jim Kohler writes about our adventures (and I do the photography and edit the zine.)  You can find Outta the Way on the Outta the Way facebook page, the Outta the Way blog and the Outta the Way shop.  You can also find photos from their trips on flickr.

I am Self-Representing Artist Jewelry Designer number 975.  This means that when you buy from me, you are directly supporting my art and all the proceeds come directly to the jewelry designer/creator.  This also means you are helping keep my lights on, food on my table and a roof over my head in a very direct way - and I am forever grateful for that!