Artwork Pendants

Artwork Pendants

Love art and wish you could take it with you everywhere you went?  Want to show your love of art easily?

Artwork Pendants is the answer!  I (Kimberlie Burkhart, of B.B. Bellezza) make pendants from miniature versions of artwork.  I collaborate with artists around the country to bring you wearable pieces of art.

I also have a line of Famous Painting Pendants.

Artwork Pendants are made from scrabble tiles, dominoes or glass tiles.

Scrabble Tile Pendants

Scrabble Artwork Pendants are eco-friendly because I only use upcycled scrabble tiles (previously used).  The mini artwork is carefully placed on the back of the scrabble tile (now the front of the pendant) and sealed with a water resistant glaze that is glass-like.  You can still partially see the letter on the back (it is somewhat obscured by the bail.)

They are approximately .75" x .83"   $15 each

Glass Tile Pendants

The mini artwork is palced behind a smooth tile of glass and sealed on the back.  

Approximately 7/8"  $25

How to Purchase and Wear

Pendants and Cords to place them on are sold separately.  All of the cords and pendants are interchangeable.  (And also are interchangeable with the cords and pendants in my B.B. Bellezza line.)  You can wear 2-3 pendants together. Start an art collection around your neck!  Cords are available separately.

Available in the Artwork Pendants Shop!

The Independant Artists I work with:

Stephanie Corfee
Stephanie is an artist based in Malvern, Pennsylvania.  Her work is colorful, whimsical and bohemian.  Want her artwork on your walls?  Check out her website.

Iolanda Reinsmith

David Gerbstadt

Let me know your favorite artist or if you are an artist and want to work with me, drop me a line!