{Tuesday Tips} Collecting Art - Buy What You Like

I just stumbled upon this amazing apartment tour of the apartment of art collector Jon H. of Long Beach, California on Apartment Therapy.  For the entire interview, tour and photos, please see Jon's Absolute Art Anachary.

Here is Jon's advice about collecting art:

"The basics: buy what you like, and don’t believe the hype.

The details: As far as art and toys, if you spend $100-$500, figure you will just love the piece and don’t consider it an investment. If you are spending $600-$2,000, you may be buying into hype of the artist and make sure you love the piece. You may or may not see a return later on in life should you decide to sell. If you are going to spend more than $2,000, you have to absolutely love the art and know the artist’s history."

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