Best Online Places to Purchase Indie Art

(Photo used via creative commons license by Mary Streepy)

Indie art is forward-thinking and original, but where do you buy it to start your indie art collection? This lens will show you some of the best websites to find indie art.
What is indie art? Indie art is an artistic work produced by an independent company or group. Fine arts made by artists independent of commercial fine arts establishments (a/k/a galleries.)

1.  Etsy

Etsy is probably the best resource for indie arts in any form online. You can spend hours or days - weeks even - looking at all the indie art.

To find indie art on etsy, go to www.Etsy.com

Click on "art"

Then pick from the categories on the left side: ACEO, Collage, Drawing, Fiber Art, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Print, Printmaking, Reproduction, Sculpture.

Etsy is probably by far the largest collection of indie art online.

2.  Little Paper Planes
Little Paper Planes is a great website for purchasing Indie Art. They sell art, cards, zines, books, zines, paper goods and apparel.

Little Paper Planes also has a great blog where they, among other things, post interviews about the artists they sell and studio visits.

3.  My Bonnie & Clyde

My Bonnie & Clyde has a great name! Bonnie and Clyde were outlaws who refused to live by rules. My Bonnie & Clyde is trying to get people to think outside the box and think independently.

My Bonnie & Clyde offers indie art in all mediums.

From the My Bonnie & Clyde website: "my bonnie & clyde
was born out of an intense appreciation for artists that choose to share their gift of creativity and inspiration. It's a company whose sole purpose is to promote, support, and service independent artists and designers." 

4.  Deviant Art

Deviant Art is an entire community with forums and journals. Deviant Art also has a shop to purchase indie art.

You can purchase photography, wrapped canvas artwork, t-shirts and more. You can shop by subject matter, which is really helpful as well.

5.  Indie Art & Design

Indie Art & Design is website that supports Australian indie artists. The website has indie offerings in many mediums, a blog and an e-magazine.

For the Indie Art section of the website, click here.

6.  eBay

Don't overlook eBay for Indie Art. Independent Artists have been selling art on eBay for years. There are hundreds of thousands of pieces available by a variety of artists.

When you get to eBay, click under the "Art" Category and then choose "Direct from Artist."

Make sure you're careful when making purchases on eBay. Sometimes people are selling knock-offs. Check feedback carefully and feel free to contact the artist. If you feel uncomfortable at all, don't make the purchase.

What is your favorite place to purchase indie art online?

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