Art Collecting - New Art Purchase, Part 1

When you purchase a piece of artwork, there are several things you need to consider to protect your purchase.  This is part 1 of a several part series of considerations and tips when you purchase art.

Documentation and information you should receive from the art gallery and/or artist:

  1. You should always receive a Bill of Sale.  Keep it with the artwork
  2. Letter of Authenticity, especially important if the piece is limited edition.
  3. Type of artwork.  May be obvious, but make sure you know if it's an original, limited edition or reproduction.
  4. Get the artist resume and biographical information, keep an updated version.  Keep it with the artwork.
  5. Artist statement.  Keep it with the artwork.
  6. Any special care or handling instructions to care for your piece of artwork.
  7. Sign up for the gallery and artist's mailing list so you can follow the artist's career.
  8. Meet the artist.  Go to an opening to meet them.

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