Art Collecting - New Art Purchase, Part 2

When you purchase a piece of artwork, there are several things you need to consider to protect your purchase.  This is part 2 of a several part series of considerations and tips when you purchase art.

Getting your Artwork Home:
  1. This is pretty obvious, but make sure your vehicle is large enough to get the artwork home.
  2. You'll need cardboard or blankets to protect the artwork for the trip home.
  3. Check if the artwork will be insured for the trip home.
  4. Shipping - the gallery will probably be your best source of information for shipping.  Some larger cities have art transportation companies.  
  5. Make sure that the gallery/artist knows how to correctly package and protect artworks while shipping.
  6. It's best to go with fedex or other trusted service if the gallery doesn't have a service they normally use.

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