Well, Isn't This Awkward?

That's me!  I'm at my booth at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER and wearing 2 scrabble pendants:  1 is an artwork pendant and 1 is an Outta the Way photography pendant.

I didn’t want to, but something is drawing me to write one of those awkward “welcome to my new blog” posts.  I guess it’s difficult to jump in when you feel like your reader doesn’t have any context.  (Although, who knows how many people will even read this first awkward post?!)


I’m Kimberlie Burkhart.  Maybe you know me as B.B. Bellezza around the internet.  I make jewelry out of upcycled materials.  (Basically I take everyday ordinary objects and make them into jewelry.)  I also make recycled dolls and coasters.

My interest in making things started at a young age.  My mom made all sorts of crafty things and sold them at craft shows, and often my brother and I were also in attendance. 

My jewelry-making began at a young age as well.  I mostly make beaded bracelets on stretch cord as a child.  I did other things through the years, but all the while I was making things, although not necessarily jewelry.  Several years ago I once again came across my bag of beads from my childhood and I was hooked again!

I love beautiful beaded jewelry.  So many people make such beautiful things with all the gorgeous beads out there.  I decided that enough people were making that sort of jewelry and I didn’t add anything to the world by also making it.

So I started experimenting with other items that aren’t made to make jewelry.  I don’t know where the inspiration came from originally – surely there were others doing the same thing.  But each piece I make is uniquely original. 

Often my inspiration comes from the piece I am working with.  I tend to be a bit of a collector of odd or interesting things.  (We have moved into a much smaller home, so I am no where near as much of a collector as I was!)  I will go through my collection and come up with a design idea.

Artwork Pendants

The idea to make artwork into jewelry was not my idea at all, although I wish it was.  My friend, artist Stephanie Corfee had purchased a necklace from me with a photo on it.  She contacted me with the idea for me to make her art into jewelry. 

Since then, I also have made Iolanda Reinsmith’s “Happy Trees” into pendants.  And, coming VERY SOON a collaboration pendant with David Gerbstadt’s positive artwork.

I have come to know each of these three of these artists as positive, beautiful people.  Each has a fascinating story that I want to share with you.

There are other artists’ stories I wish to share, too.  I love art and wish to have it everywhere I go, which is why I love these collectible pendants.  I want to work with more artists and be able to offer even more wearable works of art.  

That’s why I’ve taken Stephanie’s idea for me to make her art into pendants and decided to expand it to a whole new line for my business:  Artwork Pendants.

Just imagine if you could have a different artists’ piece of work to wear everyday!  How much easier your day would be to get though when you can glance down to see your little artwork around your neck!  How inspired you can be throughout your day, no matter what your job is or your day is like!


I also want to explore the “art” of collecting art, visit art galleries, discuss artists, attend the openings of art shows, share indie art and more!  So, I’ll be sharing all my art experiences here with you!

Thanks for stopping by! (Come back soon for the not-as-awkward posts!)

Feel free to contact me anytime regarding artists you like, tips for collecting art or anything art related.  Also, if you are an artist who would like to work with me or you know someone I should get in contact me, please let me know!

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