How to Look at Art

When you look at a piece of art - a painting, a sculpture, etc. - a lot of things may go through your head.  Maybe you are confused.  Maybe you have an emotional connection, but you can't quite place why.  Maybe you know exactly why.  Maybe you love it.  Maybe you hate it.

When you look at a piece of art, the 2 most important questions to ask yourself when trying to delve more deeply into a piece of art are: 

  1.  What is going on in this piece of art?
  2.  What can I see in the piece of art that makes me think that?
Sometimes you will know right away and it will be easy.  Other times you really have to look and pay attention.  Discussing what you see with someone else can help both of you see things you may not have noticed otherwise.

Other times it's not as easy.  Look for little things to clue you in, the artist makes conscious decisions to convey their vision.  There is a reason for each brush stroke.

Go on out to a museum or gallery and see what you find!

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