{Tuesday Tips} How to Purchase Art Directly From Artists - Don'ts

There are so many opportunities to purchase art directly from the artist:  art fairs, art walks, open studios or openings at art galleries where the artist is available.  It's a great chance to talk to the artist and gain valuable insight into the piece of art you are purchasing.

Previously I posted some Dos for purchasing artwork directly from artist, now here's a list of Don'ts:
  • Don't talk about other art or other artists' work you own. 
  • Don't talk about deals you've gotten in the past.
  • Don't play one artist against another.  It won't get you a lower price.  (Don't play games.  Buying art is about getting something you love and want to own forever.)
  • Don't try to bargain just to see how low you can get it for.
  • Don't put down a piece of art to try to get a better price.
  • Don't tell an artist that their work is overpriced.  It may be, but just move on.
  • Don't insult or talk down to an artist.  Don't act like you are doing them a big favor by purchasing their art.  Mutually beneficial artist-collector relationships can help both of you.
What other don'ts can you think of when purchasing art directly from an artist?

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